unLocke Limited Edition Kit

Carved from a solid bar of bullet-stopping titanium and lasered into the shape of a hex-checkered AR magazine, the unLocke looks and feels like something the Punisher might own. It’s just like the Kravists Atlas Krav Maga produces: efficient, indestructible and stylish AF. Featuring both the Atlas Krav Maga and Dept. of Destruction logos, the “badass bottle opener” comes in three distinct colors, includes a titanium horseshoe hasp, and a complimentary E&E lock pick set from Triangle Krav Maga. With this limited edition kit, you can unLocke bottles, doors, and a whole helluva lot of other stuff.

NOTE: Titanium is costly and very hard to work with. As such, Molotov and Dept. of Destruction only made one batch of these, so the unLocke Kits are extremely limited (less than 10 left)!

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