The Delta Ring

**Sizes currently available: Women's Medium, Men's Large - Please indicate which size you would like in the notes.**


Two conjoined rings with a prominent raised triangle adds piercing and ripping damage to punches. The Delta Ring was designed to look like a harmless, artsy piece of jewelry.


Today's self defense industry is full of goofy, cumbersome gadgets. Both men and women need force multipliers but seriously, who wants to carry around a bright pink cat head on a keychain with fingerholes through its eyes? At TKM, we think that's downright creepy. And we don't do creepy. And so, as with all of Molotov Mitchell's inventions (Hex Tool, Benthic Knife, Brakeline, etc.), the patent-pending Delta Ring blends devastating damage with elegant aesthetics. It's a beautiful piece of geometric jewelry that not only fits in at casual gatherings and date nights but is classy enough to wear at formal events, as well. The Delta Ring's design draws from the Atlas Krav Maga principle, “Be the Wedge.” The steel triangle first pierces the target as the force of the punch drives it in deeper, spreading or “wedging” the wound open. Essentially, the Delta Ring augments the blunt force trauma of your punch with a ripping effect and bleed damage. And you don't need to grab a keychain or reach into a bag to deploy it. The Delta Ring is always in your hand, always deployed, always ready.

Blade-in or Blade-out

Finally, the Delta Ring can be worn “blade-out” or “blade-in.” “Blade-out” means the ring is worn with the triangle visible to everyone and pierces targets when you punch. “Blade-in” is when the triangle is hidden in your palm and turns your ordinary slap into the “b**** slap from Hell.” But don't worry, wearing the Delta Ring blade-in is perfectly safe for your hand. After countless variations, we finally found the perfect design that allows the wearer to close their hand around it and even punch without the triangle damaging their palm or fingers in the process. Just remember not to give out high fives when you're blade-in and avoid fist bumps when you're blade-out ;)

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