Freedom Fighters Tank

Straight outta quarantine, it's the Freedom Fighter Tank! These shirts are designed by Molotov Mitchell, who wore a custom Freedom Fighter hoodie on camera when he defied Gov. Cooper's stay-at-home orders and reopened back in May. The Freedom Fighter Tank celebrates anyone who's fought for personal liberty during the shutdowns. If you've protested, reopened, and/or visited supported businesses who did, this tank's for you!

Features: soft cotton with black piping, the Freedom Fighters logo with 3 and 20 (the month and year that the shutdowns began) and TKM's famous fighting Carolinians logo on the bottom right. The first batch of FFT's sold out in minutes (MINUTES!), so the second batch will probably go quickly, too.

Pre-orders are currently available in XS,S M, L, XL, and XXL.


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