Casa De Lobos t-shirt

New T-shirt! As Imi did in the 20th century, Atlas Krav Maga and TKM
continue to spread Krav Maga around the world, even in places where it
is banned. Operation: Exodus (Egypt), Operation: Tooth and Nail
(Moldova) and Operation: Hemingway (Cuba) have taken our Israeli system
to the ends of the earth and back. With Operation: Hemingway, Molotov
Mitchell introduced Krav Maga to the oppressed people of communist Cuba
for the FIRST TIME EVER (Krav Maga is not allowed to be taught on the
communist island). The program was called Casa De Lobos (House of
Wolves) and to celebrate the successful operation, we are offering a new
Casa De Lobos t-shirt! Show your solidarity with the Cuban people and
the cause of liberty with the CDL crest on the front and "Libertad"
under the Cuban flag on the back! Quantities are limited, so get your
collectible shirt before they're gone!

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