Benthic Knife

The Benthic Knife is the core component of TKM's own Benthic Knife Method, an aggressive self-defense system.

The Benthic Knife's design was inspired by the ancient Kunai, particularly its ring, which greatly enhances weapon retention. Beyond the Kunai, the Benthic Knife has several features that set it apart from other ring-based weapons. The same rust-resistant, nano-tech coating used on firearms covers each knife from top to bottom. There's pronounced jimping, an aggressive bottlecap striking surface atop the ring itself and dual entry blades. The forked blade design doubles the damage, creating two wounds with every strike. In short, every part of this knife is utterly devastating, when used properly.

Finally, we are proud to be an American company that replenishes our community. All of our Benthic products are made here in the USA, specifically in and near the Triangle region of North Carolina.

The Benthic Knife is the only weapon to be officially certified by Atlas Krav Maga.

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