Atlas 13: The Jefferson Trapper

To commemorate Atlas Krav Maga’s new grappling curriculum, “The Continental,” Molotov and his team developed a small batch of beautiful Damascus steel folders named for America’s fiery President, Thomas Jefferson. As the Continental draws from the fighting styles of America’s Founding Fighters, this stunning knife reflects our third President’s signature style in the traditional laguiole ‘bee’ upon the backspring, an exquisite “lady’s leg” handle made of camel bone with fine yet sensible brass accents, a sharp blade comprised of myriad folds of beautiful Damascus steel, and a folding wine tool at the base. The Atlas A with thirteen stars is engraved on one side of the blade, with Franklin’s famous slogan “Join, or Die” on the other.

As with all Atlas 13 products, only thirteen of these collectible knives have been made. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Each Jefferson Trapper comes with a belt-slit, leather sheath.

Note: Damascus steel can rust if not cared for properly. Do not keep Damascus steel in the leather sheath for long periods of time, as the leather can cause the steel to rust. Please be aware Damascus steel products will arrive fully coated in a protective, non-toxic mineral oil, which can be easily washed off before use.

$199 (very limited stock)

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