The TKM Lock Pick Set

Introducing TKM's newest product, the TKM Lock Pick Set! 
"In a crisis, everything you need is available; it's just behind a lock. I never leave home without my picks." - Molotov Mitchell, Triangle Krav Maga
The TKM Lock Pick Set contains 8 hand-picked tools that are made in the USA. 2 Tension Tools (1 long and 1 short) and 6 Rippled Steel Picks will enable you to open the majority of pin tumbler locks in use today. These are the same Picks used in the RESIST Escape & Evasion course. They are made from high quality spring steel and come packaged in a stitched, closable case. Remember to check your local laws regarding possession of lock picking tools. Pick responsibly!
NOTE: These are available for shipment NOW. Limited quantity!

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